La Conqueress, Edna Mojica-Taylor        Edna Mojica Head shot

La Conqueress provides education and awareness through events in the community on violence against women and the effects it has on today's society via the Arts and Culture.

My name is Edna Mojica a proud New Yorker con Cultura de La Republica Dominicana.   I  am an activist, educator, author, and founder of MTC Productions (More Than A Conquer). I have devoted over 15 years to social work revolving around domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and homelessness.  My Afro-Dominican roots combined with my voice and writing, form my contribution to the Arts.  My work focuses on education and empowering others by creating platforms, building community with other like-minded warriors, and breaking the stigmas of mental health, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

Art is a Universal language that needs no interpretation and it's powerful enough to heal and break the cycle of violence in our communities and homes.  That is WHY, MTC Productions was created, to provide a platform for artist to express their creativity on violence against women.  Bringing men to conversations is part of the healing. Violence against women will never stop if Men are not involved, therefore together we share our stories through art. By using dance, poetry, music, photography, sculpture, storytelling, body art, crafts, painting, digital effects, and beyond.  Our communities, children, women our men need healing and together we can Conquer one action at a time.