Being present for others, handling responsibilities, grinding in your purpose, and holding yourself together to meet that standard of expectancy can be heavy.  When you finally meet up with Mr/Madam heavy, ‘cause you will. You will have to ask yourself, do I keep going and break? Or do I allow myself to hold steady and give myself permission to be self-loving? It may mean putting your hands up and be still for a moment

MY season came and as much as I fought it I had to hold still.  Letting go was my Mr. Heavy, during the transition from being a mommy to my kids to being a mom to independent young adults was one of the most challenging times I endured.  As a single mom for many years, my children were my everything.  It meant for me to let go and find my peace and learned that being still was healing.


There are times that stillness is the best “NEXT” move.  Even when the sea looks still seeming like there is no movement, look deeper, things continue to work in the life cycle.  We can give ourselves permission to take a moment and do absolutely nothing.  Just like the undersea, life is flowing simply because it is meant to flow.  That is you! Trust your process.  The process of your life’s endeavors that are shaping you.  The investments in relationships, your experiences, education, your wisdom, your growth, and most importantly your FAITH.  That’s what stillness looks like, PEACE.

Self-doubt, creates turmoil that provokes fear and confusion. Be loving, kind, and compassionate to yourself.  Ride the wave and witness the unwanted be flushed out as the sea relies on its life’s process.

Just be still. Trust the process

Black Lives Matter

Juneteenth 2020

My husband Shamar. Patient, Loving, Attentive, Passionate, Strong, and Protective of all who are important to him. But these past few weeks he was shook with anger and frustration. This hit differently from any other hateful crimes.

He was retraumatized. He relieved feelings he buried. Feelings of hindrance and embarrassment from the handful of times he was profiled, pulled over and arbitrated because of the hue his skin carried. Each and every time he would carefully calculate ALL his moves because any misinterpreted move could cost him his LIFE.

This one particular day, feeling dehumanized he was handcuffed before he was even told why he was being restrained.  He was accused of taking someone’s wallet at a bank; just because the privileged assumed it was the black guy next to him on the counter- the video footage quickly cleared up the “misunderstanding”. Many fake apologies following.  (This is the short version)

Every day He fears for his black and brown sons and daughters because he doesn’t know whose path they may cross one day.

Today He is a Proud faith-filled Black Man, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and friend. STANDING firmly and loudly in representation for the BLACK WOMEN and BLACK MEN who today cannot stand for themselves because their lives were taken away because of SOMEONES hate and privileged actions. Let’s continue to pray and stand strong together for protection and justice. Each day I Stand in solidarity with you!✊?

Black Lives Matter


Shout out to photographer Rachele Petosa @ciaobellagency for creating standing, “The Solidarity Project”, Houston TX 6.19.2020


Celebrating Black History Month by Highlighting Afro-Latinx

Highlighting Afro-Latinx during BHM

Day Siete (7)

Historian, writer, and activist. Schomburg was a Puerto Rican of African and German descent who moved to the United States and researched and raised awareness of the great contributions that Afro-Latin Americans and Afro-Americans have made to society.

The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture was founded for his work to live for generations to come.

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