Shout Out Sunday

50/50 by 2020

#ShoutOutSunday  I attended the Power Women Summit 2018 – LA, California I attended a couple of weeks ago with Latinas Rising, it was overwhelmingly empowering. I really did not have words to fully express my experience. The summit was full of stories, statements, and teachings from WOMEN and some men in Hollywood, educators, social justice and sports icons, that spoke about the injustices and inappropriate behaviors nosotras las mujeres/we women go through. The #metoomovement “IS” not going anywhere any time soon. Como Mujeres, As Women, we endure a handful of unpleasant situations, and sometimes take a big swallow and take one for the team. A reason may be our goals. If you are like me, I have taken some uncomfortable, racist and sometimes degrading situations that I’ve endured, added some cement (tears & sweat) and turned it into a stepping stone I need to keep climbing until I make it. That is why is so important para nosotras to SPEAK UP AND TELL YOUR STORY. It has healing powers. Zoe Saldana as among those that spoke about her experiences and the actions she is contributing to make real change.

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