Being present for others, handling responsibilities, grinding in your purpose, and holding yourself together to meet that standard of expectancy can be heavy.  When you finally meet up with Mr/Madam heavy, ‘cause you will. You will have to ask yourself, do I keep going and break? Or do I allow myself to hold steady and give myself permission to be self-loving? It may mean putting your hands up and be still for a moment

MY season came and as much as I fought it I had to hold still.  Letting go was my Mr. Heavy, during the transition from being a mommy to my kids to being a mom to independent young adults was one of the most challenging times I endured.  As a single mom for many years, my children were my everything.  It meant for me to let go and find my peace and learned that being still was healing.


There are times that stillness is the best “NEXT” move.  Even when the sea looks still seeming like there is no movement, look deeper, things continue to work in the life cycle.  We can give ourselves permission to take a moment and do absolutely nothing.  Just like the undersea, life is flowing simply because it is meant to flow.  That is you! Trust your process.  The process of your life’s endeavors that are shaping you.  The investments in relationships, your experiences, education, your wisdom, your growth, and most importantly your FAITH.  That’s what stillness looks like, PEACE.

Self-doubt, creates turmoil that provokes fear and confusion. Be loving, kind, and compassionate to yourself.  Ride the wave and witness the unwanted be flushed out as the sea relies on its life’s process.

Just be still. Trust the process

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